Thursday, April 30, 2015


As I made my morning coffee in one of my favourite mugs today, I was wondering why I like to use this mug so damn much. Even my baby cousin likes to use it too (she's not really a baby, but you know, she's 3 and she's the youngest, so...). So I said to my mom (yes, out of the blue) why I like it:

Me: I like it 'cause the picture on it looks vintage, with the porcelain blue colour and everything.
Mom: It IS vintage! It was my grandmother's. 
Me: No way! I should keep it away from now on, before Abby (my baby cousin) broke it. 

No, I haven't keep it, I probably will if my grandma didn't have any back ups. I'll have to ask her, soon...

To keep up with the vintage theme, I put this ring and bracelet, both are vintage and from my mom. The ring was my mom's and the bracelet was my aunt's which later she gave to my mom, and now she gave it to me. Fyi, the colour of the ring's stone is ruby red, not pink. I don't know why in the photos it looks pink.

'Till next time! xx

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