Sunday, September 6, 2015

August Favorites

It's probably a bit late to do this, but I want to do it anyway. This is also a good way to keep track of everything that I loved throughout the year, if I ever want to look back. Let's get started!

I got this from my trip to Jakarta last holiday. I've been obsessing over platform shoes and wanted to have one for the longest time. So I couldn't pass these awesome espadrilles. Such a classic (with a twist).

Again, I bought this when I was in Jakarta. Mom and I were buying makeups for grandma and I couldn't put this down. Before this I already wanted to buy this particular color but I convinced myself that I don't need another lipsticks. But this time I just had to have it!

I've been changing my breakfast (and sometimes dinner) to smoothies last month. Although it's a small change, but I feel healthier already. I don't know if it's my mind, but I do! Changing your breakfast to healthier food does not only make you healthy but also making your tummy flat! Gotta love the tummy!

Some people might find this movie disgusting. I do too, but I can put that aside because this movie is just too good. If you love the old Mad Max movie, you'll definitely love this one too! Plus, you'll want to see Charlize Theron as this badass chick.

Another thing that I love to watch this month is the series 'Chicago Fire'. When I saw the ad all over my TV, I thought why would people want to watch firemen's love life. Because that's practically the ad said about this series (lesson: never judge a movie/ series based on ads, judge them based on ratings :p). One day I decided to watch one episode and BOOM! I'm attached to this. This series makes me want to be a firefighter because they're so awesome and heroic. I know that's unrealistic but if I have another chance in another life, I would be a firefighter (not that I believe in reincarnation, I don't know why I said that). And yes, there's a glimpse of their love life too. Maybe more than a glimpse, but still, it's soooooo gooooodddd!

Last but not least, a book. 'It's Kind of a Funny Story' by Ned Vizzini is such a good book that it makes me questioned why I had just discovered this. I'm not going to give any plot because I'm not good at it, so if you want you can just read it on Goodreads. This book was made into movie, so after you finished reading this book, immediately watch the movie. If you haven't read this, read it NOW!

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